DEWALT is well known for manufacturing quality and sturdy power tools and attachments. A fine example of their exemplary work is the DEWALT DCD790B 20V XR LITHIUM ION BRUSHLESS COMPACT DRILL/DRIVER. With this drill, they have been successful in building a durable and reliable compact drill for everyday home use.

People who are looking for a lightweight drill for their home use, the DCD790B is the perfect choice. The drill has been built to handle light do-it-yourself work and also heavy usage from a professional. The low weight will give users more control over the drill. They will be able to handle the drill more comfortably when using it for extended periods. It will also give them more control over the drilling process; they will be able to drill precisely where they want to, avoiding any damage to the surface.


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The drill houses a powerful 20 volt motor. It has a two-speed gearbox, which is capable of delivering a whopping 2000-RPM, which is better than most electric powered, drills. This fact alone puts it in the category of the BEST CORDLESS DRILLS, or it may just make it the BEST DRILL of the lot. Another quality that makes this drill unique is the fact that its motor is brushless. This little design difference provides the motor with 57% more efficiency; meaning it runs for 57% more time than a motor with a brush design, when working with a same type of battery.

DEWALT DCD790B 20V XR Lithium Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver

The MAX XR Li-ion battery is the perfect companion for the DCD790B drill’s motor. It has a longer life than traditional drill batteries. It offers more operation time and a decreased down time, which translates into more productivity for you. You can even choose to purchase an extra battery. An extra battery would allow you to work without interruption. You can replace the battery when it runs out and charge it up, while you operate the drill with the secondary battery.

The battery has a useful fuel gauge, which will keep you apprised of remaining charge in the battery. This will let you avoid those annoying situations when you run out of juice in the middle of a project and have to wait for r the battery to charge, before you can get back to work.

A quick glance at CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS will tell you that the motor on DCD790B is amazing. The first operating speed of the motor can offer up to 600 RPM. This is ideal for light drilling and driving work. It will allow you to be more in control when you are fastening items, and avoid any unnecessary damage. The second gear or operating speed can deliver the more powerful 2000 RPM. Use this speed when you need to drill into more sturdy material precisely.

The designers at DEWALT have done their job to design the BEST CORDLESS DRILL in their catalogue. The grip has been especially designed to be ergonomic, so that the drill can be operated in multiple positions without causing any strain on your hand muscles. The drill has a ½ inch metal ratchet; it gives the drill better grip on dill bits. There is also a LED light built in to the drill, which has a 20 second trigger delay. You can easily keep an eye on the surface you are working on even if you don’t have proper lighting. The light and the size of the drill make it perfect for working in confined and dark spaces. All in all, the DCD790B truly is the BEST POWER DRILL in the market.

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