Makita LCT209W 12V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Drill Review

Makita LCT209W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo KitDrill machines are very handy that range from the domestic usage to the industrial usage. The do-it-yourself concept was developed after these easy-to-use tools were introduced in the market. The traditional tools were often too heavy and the energy cost to use them was also very high. Now, the compact versions of the useful tools provide the perfect edge of domestic usage for different tools. Makita LCT209W 12V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Drill in particular has been able to deliver the most utility in a number of ways to the user.


The dual piece combo kit


The CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS mention this machine to be the most effective in different scenarios like drilling a simple hole on different surfaces and then tightening or loosening the screws and bolts with the impact driver. This cordless quality creates perfect handling for easy and fast working capabilities. Acclaimed to be the BEST CORDLESS DRILL this machine has two lithium batteries that are charged in as low as thirty minutes. This alone takes the advantage on providing the perfect utility for the home based usage. In addition, impact driver and the drill itself can perform at different speed levels and depending on the surface to be used these machines can be easily adjusted.


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Product life and warranty


Makita LCT209W 12V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Drill 2-PIECE COMBO KIT has various user comments and experiences mentioned in various top selling websites. CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS confirm that the Japanese technology has all the prime pivotal points that provide the ultimate utility to the users. The warranty provides almost two years of protection which makes it stand out from the other BEST CORDLESS DRILLS. So, the definite part is that the machine is built to last for a long time. No need to get it repaired because the compact size and simple design provide easy and simple mechanism that cannot be damaged or misused easily.




Being the BEST DRILL in the online market this machine is having many perks on the cost and the warranty however, the performance cannot be ignored. There are options to adjust the heads of the combo kit and the level of speed. Depending on the usage there are many points that need the speed and ease in positioning to get the work done in this machine. Categorically, Makita LCT209W 12V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Drill 2-PIECE COMBO KIT provides the perfect package that can easily beat its competitors and lead the market.

Makita LCT209W 12V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Drill


Ideal usage


MAKITA LCT209W 12V MAX LITHIUM-ION CORDLESS 2-PIECE COMBO KIT has been noted to be the best easy-to-use non- industrial driller and impact driver. It has been able to come in the top list of BEST POWER DRILL machines as it has an impressive torque and the smart design makes it very easy to handle. The long term usage may have no effect on the machine in the manner of overheating or damage on prolonged usage. However, the machine is not intended for the industrial usage and may be having low performance on continuous long hours of usage.

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Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-Piece Review

Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-PieceThe brand new Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-Piece is said to get very popular around the market because of its flexibility and advanced features which are going to get your work done in no time and without any struggle. Previously there have been some debates that drillers don’t work as they are supposed to be working or they don’t work appropriately on large areas and they don’t show their true efficiency because of the exaggerated quotes by the manufacturers. This product is not like the usual drillers that you have been using before but this thing takes drilling to a whole new level.


Why Only this?


It is the best driller and the most progressive too, because of the things it is made up of, because of the work it does and also because of the combination which it gives. It provides the best cordless drill because of the high power battery which is used in it to get it done. Not only the best cordless but the best power drill too as it is made up of extremely high powered structure and inner system which can be said “engine” because it is no different from it, when you get to use it you will experience the engine working inside with an optimum and high quality work outside.


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Innovative Features


The features of this pioneering Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-Piece which is used for the best cordless drills are beyond our expectations which can be found at;

  • The speed of this product is variable and can provide up to a maximum turning effect of 480 in lbs. Provided by the 1/2” driver drill.
  • Impact Driver is much more capable and can get up to a 1420 in lbs. Maximum in torque.
  • It also consists of a fan whose work is to cool down the battery when it heats up and as a result the machine provides more lifetime work unlike many other similar devices.
  • This amazing Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-Piece also consists of a star protection computer control which will help in precaution for overloading or overheating of the machine against all odds.
  • The battery of the incredible machine is 18V LXT Lithium 3.0 Ah battery BL 1830 which is capable of getting fully charged in just 30 minutes, 3 times earlier than other devices.

Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-Piece

If these features don’t surprise you then there is more thing to look at and these are the costumer reviews. Cordless drill reviews are for sure going to content you. Most of the people going through the problems mentioned earlier where very much satisfied and more happy with this product called Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-Piece. According to them it is one step ahead of the product they have been using before and this product has given birth to the new generation of cordless drills.

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Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill

1The drilling tool, fitted with a driving or a cutting tool, is used for boring holes into various materials or fastening together various materials with the help of fasteners. The attachment, often a tipped metal of various lengths, is rotated while pressed against a target material and at the other end it is gripped by a chunk of pistol like grip. As the targets are various, so are the types of drillings machines from twist drills, bow drills, core drills to pump drills, hand drills, hammer drills, rotary drills and cordless drills. Among the cordless types, the best cordless drill in the lot is the Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill


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Product description


The cordless drill reviews give out quite a bit. A large number of customers reveal that the product is as it is defined by its features. They are efficient, hardy, and modern and have replaced many of its kinds. The Matika cordless hammer driver and drilling tool of Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill model perform great versatility. This tool kit can be used both as a hammer driver & drill as well as a normal driver and drill, making it easy to carry along just one device.

This particular expanding 18 Volts lithium – series Matika products has become the world’s largest cordless machine powered by slide style lithium – ion 18V battery. This lithium – ion battery has the fastest of all charge times. These results in less time spent in getting charged and more time spent working.


Features of Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill


Basics of the Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill is being discussed below.


  • It is the best power drill for driving and drilling.
  • It has an ergonomic and compact design of only 8 – 1/8” length.
  • It is only 4 – 10 pounds by weight.
  • Variable 2 – speed design with 0 – 400 and 0 – 1500 rotations per minute, for a wider range of driving and hammer drilling applications.
  • The motor used in it is the Matika – built 4 – poles which deliver 480 (in pounds) of max. Torque.
  • It has the product dimensions of 17 by 5 by 10 inches and is of Chinese origin.
  • The battery cell type is lithium. It uses one lithium ion battery and the power source is battery powered. This reduces operator fatigue.
  • It runs on a voltage of 18 V.
  • It is among the best cordless drills as it contains an inbuilt LED light with an afterglow

 Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill


Which illuminates the working area?


Along the Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill comes the 18 Volts LXT Lithium – Ion 3.0 Ah battery (BL 1830) and a 18 Volts lithium – ions rapid optimum charger (DC 18RC) for free. It is a great deal to own this piece of efficiently working tool kit. There is a great deal to be found on this best drill and eventually hard to beat.

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