In the simplest of words possible, here is why you should choose BLACK & DECKER LDX120C 20-VOLT MAX LITHIUM-ION CORDLESS DRILL/DRIVER for your daily drilling and driving needs; compared to other products in the 20-volt category, it is the BEST DRILL. Over the years you may have used many different types of drills, but the LDX120C will be in a class of its own.

It is a compact size drill that can compete with the BEST POWER DRILLS in the market. Because of its small size, you can maneuver it into smaller spaces and perform your repair and construction work easily. The powerful motor housed in the small body can provide you with plenty of drilling power. A unique feature of the LDX120C is that there is a LED light that shines out to the location that you are currently using the drill on. This may seem like an unnecessary feature to some people, but when you need to drill in spaces where light is scarce; this LED can be the most beneficial feature of the drill.


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The manufacturer, Black & Decker, has done a great service to its customers by adding the Li-ion battery in the drill. Most of the drills in the past did not have these batteries and the users suffered because of it. The older batteries would get damaged when you left them on charge for too long and they couldn’t hold the charge when they weren’t used for a certain period of time. The Li-ion battery of LDX120C is the complete opposite of this; you can leave it on the charger for as long as you want and the battery will not show any ill effects. This particular battery can also hold a charge for more than a year, when it is not in use.

Black & Decker LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless DrillDriver

When compared to other BEST CORDLESS DRILLS in the market, the LDX120C’s battery can perform much better. It will definitely last longer than your average battery powered drill and it will give the best ones the run for their money. And you only have to pay the fraction of the cost; does this not make it the BEST POWER DRILL that one can buy?

The LDX120C is made to handle grueling day to day use, like from a contractor or repair man, and light repair work that one does in their own home. The excellent battery life, ergonomic design, portability and smaller size make it the BEST CORDLESS DRILL for any type of work you can put it to. The drill is capable of all drilling into wood, metal and plastic, and it can perform most screw-driving tasks with flying colors.

By looking at some other CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS, you will soon learn the advantages that the LDX120C offers to you. The features that the drill contains are hard to come by in the price range that Black & Decker has decided for the drill. It also comes with a 2 year limited manufacturer warranty.

People who want to get the maximum use out of the drill should purchase a separate battery pack. So, they can do their construction and repair work uninterrupted. This light, yet powerful, power drill/driver is the perfect choice for people who are looking for an economical drill, which can still deliver the performance of high-end drills.

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