Black & Decker SS12C 12-Volt Cordless Drill/Driver Review

The Black & Decker SS12C 12-Volt Cordless Drill/Driver Review will be instrumental in educating you about a new and interesting product in the market. This is a drill which has been gaining popularity in recent times. As a customer while purchasing something you want to be informed about everything that the item concerned possesses; the positives, negatives and basic features or even additional ones. Being a purchaser entitles you to the basic right of information and here through this review you will be informed about this drill. This drill is basically one for the non-professional user and is build or created to be of use to those with minimum knowledge to perform odd jobs.

Black & Decker SS12C 12-Volt Cordless Drill/Driver Review

What are the elements which constitute this product?


This drill has been given the status of being the best cordless drill and the reasons for this are the features of this product. Not only are they an improvement over other drills in the market but the product itself has a unique charm to it. The design of the product radiates comfort and ease. There is a metal chuck to the drill making it more durable than others. You can change the speed of the drill using the gear indicator, implying you have two speeds for fast and slow drilling. The high torque motor delivers 130 inch pound. An option for a smart select clutch is available meaning that you can select an icon and accordingly the power and speed will adjust itself to help yield better results.


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What are the desirable features of this product?


Every product has positives and negatives here anybody will talk in depth of the positives of this particular item:


  • Low Price- one thing common in most of the cordless drill reviews on this product is the fact that it is value for money. The price it is sold for is very reasonable and worth the charge, unlike many other products.


  • Utility- a major positive in relation to this product is that it is mainly created for those who do not have any knowledge about using drills; it is so easy to use that men, women and even old people can use the drill with relative ease and comfort.


  • Great design – the design is primarily the reason for the vast utility of this best power drill. The design is smartly done making the machine light to light and use around knocks and crannies around the home.


  • Fast charge – the drill runs on charge and one of the primary reasons on why it is considered the best drill is that it can be charged very quickly in case the drill charge ends before you can complete your task.


  • Plastic and Metal chuck- you can opt for either of the two chucks, namely, plastic and metal implying that you get an option while making use of the purchased item choosing that chuck which you feel will be comfortable for you.

Black & Decker SS12C 12-Volt Cordless Drill/Driver Review

What can be a hindrance while using the product?


No product can only be composed of positive elements all of them have an attached negative aspect to them. The problems which can become a great hindrance to this product which is otherwise one of the best cordless drills are:


  • Loss of Charge – the charge of this machine gets stored fast but the problem is the charge is used up even faster. This might cause you to constantly have to charge.


  • No indicator- there is a signal to point out when the charge is low, making it a huge problem to identify when charging will be necessary.


  • No replacement battery- there is no replacement battery available if the battery gets spoilt which usually does happen after a few years of use as per the reviews.


  • Expensive batteries – the batteries which can be purchased are as expensive as the drill itself.


Final comments


Coming to a decision about purchasing this drill may not be a major problem to you now after going through the Black & Decker SS12C 12-Volt Cordless Drill/Driver Review. The drill has been given a rating of 4.4 out of 5 in Amazon and has got 53% of 5 out of 5 votes which is a great achievement considering the many products available in the market. It truly can be given the status of the best cordless drill despite of the few negatives.

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Genesis GCD18BK 18v Cordless Drill/Driver Kit Review

If you are looking to buy a drill but not spend large bucks on big brand names, then the Genesis GCD18BK is the one for you. It is definitely not the best cordless drill available in the market but it is definitely the best drill in its price range even though not many have heard the name of its brand before. If you are expectations regarding this product is lowered by its cheap price and unheard brand name, this Genesis GCD18BK 18v Cordless Drill/Driver Kit Review will prove you wrong. Quality of a product can never be determined by its price tag. Often low priced products deliver quality comparable to high priced products and this drill is definitely one of them.

Genesis GCD18BK 18v Cordless Drill/Driver Kit Review

What the package contains?


Genesis GCD18BK is an 18v drill with 3/4 inches chuck. The drill has a variable rotational speed from 0 to a max 550 rpm.   It has in-built LED lights and comes with an electric brake. The package includes a Ni-Cad battery and a charger for it, a magnetic tray for keeping the screws as well as a storage case.


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Why you should buy it?


This product has been in the top of amazing rankings for best selling drills for nearly a couple of years now. The cordless drill reviews from customers have been very positive. Hence, it goes without saying that if you are not looking for a drill for professional use, this is the best cordless drill at such a low price range. It provides a great number of features and benefits. Its rubberized grip and non slip pistol grip along with 16 position clutch makes handling easy. The in-built LED lights and the magnetic tray for screws and bits provide great utility too. Some of its best features are:


  • It has a very good battery life that enables users to operate for long hours. It is powered by 18 volt nickel-cadmium battery with a 1.1 ampere rating. It can be connected to only 110 volt power supply and not 220 volt. The package provides only one battery. Extra batteries can be brought in case of long duration operations.


  • It has good durability. Customers have been surprised by the durability of the product considering its low price range. Some reviews even suggest that its durability can be compared with best cordless drills of high price range.


  • It provides great utility for beginners with the beginner’s kit that comes with it. It includes storage case, magnetic tray. The LED lighting is very helpful as well as it indicates the amount of charge left on the battery.


  • It is good in drilling holes and sinking screws with ease. Users who have used this product for household or amateur uses have reported that this has been can drill sink and holes screws with relative ease.


  • The price tag. It is certainly the most attractive feature of this product. If there is a drill that provides value for money, this is it.


Why not recommended for professional use


It is not surprising that it is not recommended for professional use. This is mainly because professionals require drills that provide great power and features that are not provided by this low price end product. Professional drills cost ten times this product and hence it will be foolish to expect professional quality features from it. Some of its drawbacks are:


  • Even though its rubberized grip and non slip built provides ease of operating, it is hard to operate it for long periods as weight is unevenly distributed with the front being heavier.


  • This is one aspect that this product highly lacks compared to high end drills. It comes with a max 550 rpm which is slower compared to professional drills and users will find it hard to drill hard surfaces. Also it has only 3/8 inch chuck. Hence it is definitely not the best power drill.

Genesis GCD18BK 18v Cordless Drill/Driver Kit Review

Overall verdict


This Genesis GCD18BK 18v Cordless Drill/Driver Kit Review lists the benefits and drawbacks of the product. As you can see, it is not recommended for professional use, but for small ad household purposes it is definitely the best. With an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 in Amazon and over two hundred 5 star reviews, this is definitely the product to go for.

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Black & Decker LDX172C 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Review

Drilling can usually be considered as a masculine task but if you look into the Black & Decker LDX172C 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Review you will realise that not only will you love it but your wife can also use the product with relative ease and comfort. This makes it the best drill in the market in present times. To understand the product better one has to divulge into its features, merits and demerits. Once all of these features have been thoroughly analysed only then can you as a customer come to the conclusion of whether you should use this product or not.

Black & Decker LDX172C 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Review

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What are some of the features of this best cordless drill?


  • The very first feature of this item is that it comes with not one but two drills which indicate drilling to occur both in a forward motion and backward motion. You can also specify the correct speed of your drill.


  • The lithium ion battery is an excellent touch as it can hold charge up till a time of 18 months.


  • The chuck is keyless implying easy to use and very quick changes of bit.


  • The design of the Black & Decker LDX172C 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver is planned out in such a way that the grip is a mid handle. It provides a good sense of control and balance.
  • There is also a fan which is in-built; this makes the drill cool itself down. This cooling down process actually increases the life span of the Black & Decker Drill.


  • There are many additional accessories, different sized screws and extra batteries which you can purchase together. This makes you efficient enough in case your battery runs out or you need to drill through thicker surfaces than the drill provided to you can drill though.

What makes it the best power drill in the market?


  • What makes the product the best cordless drill is that it is extremely light in weight making it perfect for both men and women?


  • This product has a good solid chuck which means that any individual can utilise it with a lot of ease.


  • It is reversible which is a very unique and desirable quality which most drills do not possess.


  • This item itself comes with a slotted or straight driver bit which is very efficient and useful for all those who use the item.


  • It is very easy to use as previously mentioned and its battery also lasts a pretty long time due to the lithium ions present in the battery.


  • You may find that this item is something of great utility while performing quick and light odd jobs around the house. It does not even require a professional instead any inexperienced person can do these tasks.


What can be a potential problem while using these best cordless drills?


  • The speed provided by the drill is not variable which acts as a huge disadvantage to those who were looking forward to such a feature. Also it is needed to drill through different surfaces with varying degrees of hardness.


  • Another major setback is that the drill despite being a great product as per the Black & Decker LDX172C 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Review is it does not provide sufficient power to drive a 1 inch to ¼ inch nail into pine. This can prove to be very disappointing as it can restrict the use of the drill.


  • While purchasing the product remembers that the batteries need to be replaced from time to time, the battery life is limited. The maximum a pair of batteries will last is for 2 to 3 years.


Black & Decker LDX172C 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Review

What is the final analysis of the product after considering the cordless drill reviews?


In the ultimate analysis one can easily conclude by saying that the Black & Decker LDX172C 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Review indicate the product is everything that it promises to be. It may not have additional features than what it claims to provide but it has everything that the product says it possesses. Hence if you are in search of a product that bestows you with an easy way to perform menial tasks around the house this is the product for you. It is available in Amazon site.

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Black & Decker GCO18SFB 18-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Review

Black and Decker provide you with a wide variety of tools like screwdrivers, hammers, and drilling machines. Black and Decker projects come with a package of variety of tips that helps in enhancing the functions of a power drill and deals with screws of various sizes. These tool kits help you to complete woodworking projects, home repairs, construction of furniture and many more activities. Now the company presents a new Black and Decker cordless drill with a special stud sensor and storage bag. You can even get to know more about this product by reading Black & Decker GCO18SFB 18-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Review where all the views of past users are given. It will help to give you more idea about the product and you might want to buy it.

 Black & Decker GCO18SFB 18-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Review

The Black and Decker is a light weight cordless drill that is perfectly suitable for use in household. It has a special quality of stud finder and locates studs through walls having a thickness of about ¾ inch. This helps you to complete your job faster. It is the best power drill that easily and quickly drives screw through and drills holes in any kind of material. This user friendly product is introduced by Black and Decker to make the work of the homemaker much easy and faster. This light weight drill can also be used by your housewife easily. In today’s date it is the best cordless drill that you can get suiting all your needs.


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This drill provides various features which makes it one of the best cordless drills you can get at an affordable price. The features can also be viewed in Black and Decker GCO18SFB 18-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Review. The features are as follows:

  • It is compact, lightweight tool which is powered by an 18-volt battery which can hold charge for a longer period.


  • There are provisions of effortless bit changes and 24-position clutch that provides control and avoid stripping of screws.


  • A special feature of this product is the stud finder which makes your much easier.


  • The total weight of the product is just 4.7 pounds which makes it very light to handle.


  • The best cordless drill package also contains of a storage bag which gives it a stylish look.


  • It has the capacity to control the speed zero to 750 RPM.




Here come some of the benefits the Black and Decker drill provides its customers making it the best drill one can ever buy. The advantages you receive after purchasing this cordless drill are:


  • It is a very good buy at a low price one can ever have because of its unique performance.


  • It performs various kinds of work starting from turning bolts and screws to drilling and grinding.


  • It is very light to handle and thus you can do your work for a longer time without any problem.


  • The 2 batteries installed in it are very affordable and good quality. The charge lasts for a very long period.


  • This is an excellent drill suiting all your conditions. You can even carry it in the storage bag that is provided which is made in a very stylish manner.


You will find Black and Decker always a good choice for yourself which values the worth of your money.


Cost to be looked at


The Black and Decker cordless grill is kept at a very modest price so that it can be affordable by any kind of families ranging from lower middle class to upper class. The benefit it offers you with is worth the price. So when you are looking at the best cordless drill reviews you should also look at its price so that you get clear whether your spending is worth it or not.

Black & Decker GCO18SFB 18-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Review

Search online now!


You can search for this drill in Google or you can also buy it directly from Black and Decker site or Amazon site. Do buy from a reputed store so that you can avoid the fear of getting duplicate item. Before buying consult your family and friends who is already a B&D product for further assurance. Thus this drill is worth it as it makes your work very easy.

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Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-VOLT 1/2 –INCH drill/driver Review

Hitachi offers you with some wonderful and different kinds of power tools which are used in woodworking, metalworking, drilling, and fastening. It maintains a standard in its development and production. Now Hitachi has come up with one more amazing tool the Hitachi DS18DSAL drill driver. The Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-VOLT 1/2 –INCH drill/driver review will help you know about all the features and benefits of this product. It is beautifully constructed and very user friendly product unlike rest of the drilling machine making it the best cordless drill.

Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver review

The Hitachi cordless driver is a compact machine installed with some extremely good features that can attract the customers very easily. It has a carrying case, flashlight and rechargeable batteries. This variable speed tool is efficient and easy to handle giving it a professional look. It is lightweight, compact designed and ergonomically. It measures only 7.7 inches in length and weighs only 3.5 pounds which is very light to handle. It is one of the best cordless drills that are being offered with so many useful features. It looks extremely classy with a convenient metal belt hook. It is one of the Hitachi’s best inventions.


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About the item


The features of the product


The Hitachi cordless drill provides its customer with an increasing number of advanced features. These features make the drill more convenient and appealing. You can also look at the Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-VOLT 1/2 –INCH drill/driver review where you can know about more about this product from past customers. The features are as listed below:

  • It has a compact design which measures weighs only 3.5 pounds and 7.7 inches in length so that the users find it easy to carry and work with it for longer hours.


  • It has an amazing speed trigger where you can set the speed from zero to 350 RPM and 1500 RPM. You can easily set the speed according to your work. It has speed versatility.


  • The 460 in./lbs and its torque give this machine a boost to take up heavy duty drilling.


  • It has a LED light, belt hook and ½ inch Racketing chuck. This makes it a user-friendly product. The LED light illuminates your work space allowing you to work easily.


  • It is powered by a 1.5 Ah Lithium slide battery allowing you to work for extra hours without any power failure.


  • It comes with a UB18DAL Lithium Ion flashlight which can be aimed where you need more light making it the best power drill available in the market.


  • It gives a 10 years warranty to lithium ion tool and 2 years warranty to lithium ion battery.


Pros of using this product


The drill comes with number of advantages that will value your money. There are many best drills available in the market by many different companies, but the Hitachi cordless drill gives its customer an all round benefits. Some of the benefits are as follows:


  • It is well balanced and light weighted so that it can help the workers to work with ease.


  • It is a quality product which comes with a warranty and good product parts.


  • The drill has great power and a unique design which gives it a professional look.


  • The flashlight used is of good quality and gives out ample amount of light to illuminate your work place.


  • It is quite cheap and affordable specially when it is compared to the benefits and features it provides.


  • It is a product that values the worth of your money.


Cost should be kept in mind


Cost is the most important factor when buying any product. While viewing the cordless drill reviews a worker should also look for its cost. It can happen that you liked the product but while purchasing it you find the price is too high. So it is necessary to look at the price from before if you don’t want to get disappointed at that point of time. The Hitachi drill has been kept at a modest price so that everyone can get a chance to enjoy using it.

Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver review

Best product and Easy to purchase


The Hitachi cordless drill can be purchased easily either from Amazon or from the Hitachi’s website directly. Do buy from a trusted shop so that you can get the best out of this product. It is a quality product worth buying.

buy from Amazon

Black and Decker LDX112C 12-Volt MAX lithium-ion drill/driver Review

A drill should be easy to handle and should save much of your time. A cordless drill fulfils all the condition that a user wants in a drill. A best cordless drill operates as a powerful electric drill without any electric plug outlet. These add to the convenience, utility, and appeal of using a drill. But before buying a cordless drill one should always look at cordless drill reviews as some drills are better than the other. Here are some of the advantages and descriptioyou can check out while viewing the Black and Decker LDX112C 12-Volt MAX lithium-ion drill/driver review. A powerful tool designed to provide its customer with some extra benefits.

Black & Decker LDX112C 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver

Black and Decker 12V max lithium-ion drill is a pack of powerful punching in a single frame. It has a long lasting lightweight construction, lithium battery and some extremely amazing features. It is designed in such a way as to provide with some extra productivity and comfort to its user. A drill is used for number of uses like household jobs of building changing, furniture the hardware of a cabinet or for hanging goods. It is compact and can easily fit in small spaces. Its light weight helps its user to easily complete its tasks. It features an 11-position clutch which helps control the drilling in any kind of materials like plastic, wood, and metal. It is one of the best cordless drills available in the market now which can make your task much more easy and fast.


About the item




The Black and Decker LDX112C 12-Volt MAX lithium-ion drill/driver review will give you an idea of the benefits this drill can provide the customers with. Some of the features are as follows:


  • Lithium ion battery holds up charge to 18 months and is always ready to work.


  • The 11-position clutch provides extra level in control and avoids stripping and overdriving of screws.


  • The LED light installed in it helps to use the drill even in dark places.


  • The soft grip used in the handle provides extra comfort.


  • It acts amazingly when used on car sub woofer boxes and attaching wall hangings because of its light weight.


  • The size of the drill helps you to work with it in any area be it big spaces or closer areas.


  • It is inexpensive and a great value for money.




Black and Decker drill provides you with some of the most unique and amazing feature that will make you feel that it is the best drill that you can ever get. Features of the drill are as listed below:


  • It is installed with a lithium-ion battery that has a longer cycle life and combines easily and smoothly with its smart charge technologies. Thus making it a best power drill.


  • There is 11-position clutch that prevents stripping of screws.


  • It can vary its speed and thus allow countersinking.


  • The drill is quite comfortable because of its anti slip soft grip.


  • The total weight of the product is 1 pound and thus it seems to be a lightweight and compact item.


  • It has some practical construction of features like LED work light that enables easier drilling in night or dark places.


  • The 3/9 inch chuck helps for easy and quick bit changes.


  • An easy access to screw driver bet is provided by the onboard bit.


Cost as an important issue


You might be very eager to buy the drill after reading the Black and Decker LDX112C 12-Volt MAX lithium-ion drill/driver review which is a user friendly product for any user. But along with the reviews one should also check out its price as it is one of the important issues for any household. The Black and Decker cordless drill is kept at a very modest price so that users find it an inexpensive replacement for their old drill.

Black & Decker LDX112C 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver

Order one for yourself now!


This drill is easily available in any of the website. You can either Google up as best cordless drill or directly search for it in Black and Decker’s website or Amazon site. So what are you waiting for? Just read the reviews of the product and order yours just now.

Black & Decker GCO18SB-2 18-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Review

Black & Decker GCO18SB-2 18-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver is just the right choice all of your drilling and driving needs. Packed with the most amazing features this best drill/driver comes with all the best for you at the cheapest of values. Extremely affordable action packed, compact sized with best of features is something you cannot just deny.

Black & Decker GCO18SB-2 18-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver

Key Features


  • This best cordless drill comes with a handy and useful soft grip handle. This allows you to use it for all your difficult tasks with ease. Also, soft-grip handles make it easy to maneuver all varieties of tasks from drilling into a wall to fixing or assembling furniture for the household or business.


  • Newest admirable feature is the Keyless chuck made for the quick and easy change of operations while between tasks. You no longer have a hassle while you want a change in the modes of operation. To free you from the hassles and give you quick movements is what the keyless chuck is for.


  • It comes with a 24 position clutch that prevents all sorts of stripping or overdriving of screws. It automatically is meant to prevent the excessive driving of screws as per the design from the manufacturer’s end.


  • Black & Decker GCO18SB-2 18-Volt NiCad Cordless Drill/Driver has 2 batteries that come with the package. These are meant to provide energy efficiency and run for a long time.


  • This best power drill offers you a variety of speeds to suit your needs of drilling or driving in a huge variety of materials or things.


  • A simple and handy storage pack for easier portability coupled with a two-inch double ended tip for manifold reasons just completes the whole story and gives it a happy ending.


  • Operates at an energy-efficient 18 Volt only.


Performance and Usability


Black & Decker GCO18SB-2 18-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver is an all action packed home essential that is all designed just for you. With its compact size and soft grip handle this has been excellently reviewed so far by the existing users or customers. It is best suited to all the remotest corner of the wooden shelves or cabinets or even the mighty corners of the walls because it’s light weight, compact styled and sized and most important for Cordless drill reviews.

It is ideal for drilling or driving in a variety of positions like for drilling through wood for assembling furniture or shelves, can slide and drill through plastic or metal for various reasons of household and for screw driving into wood, metal or plastic. This small wonder is enough to do it all. Due to the variety of speeds that it offers it is suitable for a thousand reasons. The keyless chuck makes operating a breeze. It operates at simple 18 volt. So greatly energy efficient and a lovely home maker exclusively designed to serve all your needs and perform to the very best at the greatest affordable price.


The usability is further starred by the variable speeds and to change to those large variety offered, a keyless chuck that makes all change for operation easy. Good enough to be handled for purposes with the 2 batteries that comes along with the package and for easier portability a carrying bag.


What else could you have possibly asked for! It is well enough for to take care all your basic drilling or driving needs for your home or business.

Black & Decker GCO18SB-2 18-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver



Well, Black & Decker GCO18SB-2 18-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver reviews so far from the users are extremely motivating and sure to please you. Till date, any users have said to been completely satisfied and is in love the experience of this best cordless drills. This cordless, compact, light-weight, energy-efficient, soft grip handled, 24 position clutch designed powerful drill with offering the variable speeds has been made available to you at the greatest possible price! Amazingly cheap prices for this all action packed lovely drill/driver to serve your drilling/driving needs.

Lowest possible prices in Amazon made for your business or home needs of drilling or driving that you just cannot afford to overlook.


So don’t wait any more. Hurry!

Grab yourself one today and keep enjoying!

Black & Decker LDX120PK 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill and Project Kit Review

Black & Decker LDX120PK 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill and Project Kit is a must for any house. This best cordless drill fulfills all drilling and driving needs of a household. Featuring a Lithium Ion battery that being good enough for use anytime as it is always ready. This battery can retain its charge for up to about 18 months! Yes, this is cent percent true.

Black & Decker LDX120PK 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill and Project Kit

Its clutch could be adjusted to 11 different positions making it fit enough for use in any sphere.


Key Features


  • Compact sized coupled with unique style is why it becomes so easy to use also can fit into any area. You can slide it into any space while trying to stud the wall or assembling the furniture.


  • Kit includes accessories of 66 hand tools and accessories! The 66 tools all have different uses and meant to serve you at the best.


  • An amazing feature of this best drill is the Lithium-ion battery which makes it ideal for holding up charge for up to about 18 months. Extremely energy efficient with amazing battery backup that is simply a wonder.


  • It comes with a 20 Volt Lithium drill to suit the manifold needs of household.


  • Its 11 position clutch so designed to prevent all stripping and overdriving of screws.


  • This amazing cheap best power drill provides an increased level of comfort by being wonderfully light weight. This wonder can be utilized for all our needs and it does not even leave any chances of hassle by its super light weight.


  • This 20-Volt LDX120PK Drill along with its Project Kit comes with a warranty of 2 years.


  • A carrying bag for its easy portability and usage is being provided with the kit keeping in minds the needs and welfare of the users solely.


Performance and Usability


You will definitely be amazed with the reviews so far that people have received. This Black & Decker LDX120PK 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drills with the 66 different tools that comes along with it, are simply a wonderful products. This best cordless drill is simply a wonder with its amazing Lithium-ion battery. You can now manage and work with this Cordless drill reviews for 500 days. Yes, it is absolutely correct! Now, you can work by it for up to 18 months, the battery being ‘Always Ready’.


Its light weight and compact design is suited for all needs that can you not are aware of even. All-purpose 66 accessory hand tools are something that you can just not overlook. All the components and the different pars are so designed that you can just get it all in just this deal. It includes string edger /trimmer, pole hedge trimmer, powered lopper, pole pruning saw, chain saw, cultivator, hedge trimmer and what not. All of its necessary parts are exquisitely designed to take care of all your drilling and driving needs accordingly.


Black & Decker LDX120PK 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill along with its kit is so useful and amazing that this best cordless drills is very user friendly given its compact size and very smart design. It can easily fit into any corner to facilitate the needs of putting a stud through the wall for manifold reasons or for assembling of furniture. Even the carrying-bag that comes with it for easier movement is to be noted.

Black & Decker LDX120PK 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill and Project Kit


Well, you will be amazed to know that this wonderful product meant for the various necessary purposes of every household is available at extremely affordable prices. Prices of this best power drill that is packed with eye catching features like, 20 Volt Lithium-ion battery which stays as long as 18 months, with all 11 position clutch that prevents all sorts of stripping and over driving, compact designed, light weight, all purpose-suited 66 accessory tools, all this in one deal. You can just not miss such an opportunity. Even the price is all inclusive of the carrying bag that it will provide for easier portability. Not only this, but a two year Limited manufacturing warranty is a deal hard to digest! So do not wait and waste more time.


Simply Order One TODAY!


Hurry before stock is over in Amazon site.

Black & Decker LD120VA 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver with 30 Accessories Review

Black & Decker LD120VA 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver with 30 Accessories is like getting all that you need in one single deal. It could do all the jobs with ease and free from any hassle giving you a smooth experience that you had been looking for. The soft grip handle eases you into it so that it is comfortable for you while being used. This best cordless drill is capable of drilling through or screwing in wood or metal or even plastic.

Black & Decker LD120VA 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver with 30 Accessories

Especially designed keeping in mind all your needs for the purpose this best power drill comes with a 20 volt lithium-ion battery along with the charger. The 30 accessories that is being included in the package include all the necessary drill and screw driving bits, nut drivers and magnetic tip bit holder.


All the essentials made available to you at one go with the greatest affordable price. Adeal to which you will find hard to say ‘NO’ to.


Key Features


  • The 20 volt lithium-ion battery is definitely an eye catcher. It is compact in its design and is fit enough to handle all sorts of household jobs. The battery goes on and can hold its charge up to 18 months very easily!


  • The soft grip handle and its light weight make it so easy and simple to use. This best cordless drill has the potential to handle multiple jobs, from assembling of furniture to drilling shelves onto walls for manifold reasons. Since it is amazingly light-weight, it can slide through tight spaces with ease and access small areas for making of cabinets or shelves or any other thing of need.


  • Black & Decker LD120VA 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver has the capability to apply up to about 300 inches per pound in torque making it so appealing! Users can also adjust and vary its speed for various different tasks. Speed can vary from 0 to 750 revolutions per minute which you can choose for the variety of jobs.


  • It is very compact in its size and user-friendly with all its features including the fact that is superbly light weight. And with its exquisite smart charge technology that has been used, this best cordless drill is capable of holding charge for up to 500 days between projects.


  • The 30 accessories that it has with it includes, string edger /trimmer, chain saw, hedge trimmer, sweeper, pole hedge trimmer, cultivator, pole pruning saw and lastly a powered lopper.


  • The 24-position clutch that is has prevents any kind of striping or overdriving of screws. What else could you have been asked for!


Performance and Usability


Black & Decker LD120VA 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver with its 30 accessories is all that you could have for. The soft-grip handle along with its new two-speed drill/driver packed with the amazing features of keyless chuck for quick changes between operations for even more simplicity of usage. The 20 volt lithium-ion battery can hold its charge up to about 18 months for its smart charge technology.


Being light weight and compact in design it is easy to fit into any position, be it tight space of a cabinet or shelf or the hard wall. This best drill can stud through a wall or make assembling of furniture easy.


Its increased usability is because of its ease of operations. The keyless chuck allows quick changes possible without any hassle. Also the varying speeds that are meant for manifold uses, is all that anybody could have been looking for. These give us enough reasons for not leaving it out!

Black & Decker LD120VA 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver with 30 Accessories



Well, when it comes to prices this is one of the best cordless drills that have received motivating and wonderful reviews so far. Black & Decker LD120VA 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver with 30 Accessories is like a must buy and given its price, it is like one of the best purchases you could have made for yourself so far in Amazon site. This superbly energy efficient, compact, user-friendly, comfortable to use, capable of handling multiple tasks, is made available to you at the most affordable rate that you may even find hard to believe!


Do not wait anymore. Go and grab one today!

Black & Decker LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver Review


In the simplest of words possible, here is why you should choose BLACK & DECKER LDX120C 20-VOLT MAX LITHIUM-ION CORDLESS DRILL/DRIVER for your daily drilling and driving needs; compared to other products in the 20-volt category, it is the BEST DRILL. Over the years you may have used many different types of drills, but the LDX120C will be in a class of its own.

It is a compact size drill that can compete with the BEST POWER DRILLS in the market. Because of its small size, you can maneuver it into smaller spaces and perform your repair and construction work easily. The powerful motor housed in the small body can provide you with plenty of drilling power. A unique feature of the LDX120C is that there is a LED light that shines out to the location that you are currently using the drill on. This may seem like an unnecessary feature to some people, but when you need to drill in spaces where light is scarce; this LED can be the most beneficial feature of the drill.


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The manufacturer, Black & Decker, has done a great service to its customers by adding the Li-ion battery in the drill. Most of the drills in the past did not have these batteries and the users suffered because of it. The older batteries would get damaged when you left them on charge for too long and they couldn’t hold the charge when they weren’t used for a certain period of time. The Li-ion battery of LDX120C is the complete opposite of this; you can leave it on the charger for as long as you want and the battery will not show any ill effects. This particular battery can also hold a charge for more than a year, when it is not in use.

Black & Decker LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless DrillDriver

When compared to other BEST CORDLESS DRILLS in the market, the LDX120C’s battery can perform much better. It will definitely last longer than your average battery powered drill and it will give the best ones the run for their money. And you only have to pay the fraction of the cost; does this not make it the BEST POWER DRILL that one can buy?

The LDX120C is made to handle grueling day to day use, like from a contractor or repair man, and light repair work that one does in their own home. The excellent battery life, ergonomic design, portability and smaller size make it the BEST CORDLESS DRILL for any type of work you can put it to. The drill is capable of all drilling into wood, metal and plastic, and it can perform most screw-driving tasks with flying colors.

By looking at some other CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS, you will soon learn the advantages that the LDX120C offers to you. The features that the drill contains are hard to come by in the price range that Black & Decker has decided for the drill. It also comes with a 2 year limited manufacturer warranty.

People who want to get the maximum use out of the drill should purchase a separate battery pack. So, they can do their construction and repair work uninterrupted. This light, yet powerful, power drill/driver is the perfect choice for people who are looking for an economical drill, which can still deliver the performance of high-end drills.

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BLACK+DECKER BDCDMT120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Drill/Driver Review


When you are looking to purchase an affordable, but still the BEST POWER DRILL, then you should look at the collection of drills that Black & Decker has to offer. Among this excellent collection of the BEST CORDLESS DRILLS is the BLACK+DECKER BDCDMT120C 20-VOLT MAX LITHIUM-ION MATRIX DRILL/DRIVER. This portable drill/driver is every do-it-yourself enthusiast’s dream drill.

B&D have utilized the modern age Matrix system in the BDCDMT120C drill. This innovative system provides a convenience to the users of the drill. This quick connect system is designed to make attachments of different heads on the drill easier. You can quickly swap out one head for another and continue your work, without missing a beat.


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The drill is powered by an efficient 20V MAX motor. This Li-ion battery delivers maximum power and outstanding backup time. It can be placed on the charger when not in use, without any worries and the battery can keep a charge for up to one and a half year. The size of the drill is ideal, because it can fit in constricted spaces and the power of the motor can complete the drilling and driving tasks easily. The light weight of the drill is also an advantage when you are carrying out extended repair and construction work.

BLACK+DECKER BDCDMT120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Drill/Driver

The drill has multiple clutch settings, 10 in all, with a 3/8 inch chuck size, which make it BEST DRILL for a variety of different drilling and driving tasks. The drill can be used for drilling work on wood, metal and plastic. The custom speed also allows users to adjust the driving speed of the drill, according to the surface that they are working with, so the material doesn’t get damaged.

The versatility of the drill is another notch in its cap. It has a one drill-driver attachment. With a 20 volt max battery in place, the BDCDMT120C is the BEST CORDLESS DRILL for drilling holes in different material and fastening things on walls. The motor can provide a maximum RPM of 800, which is way better than other drills in the class. With this drill in your tool box, you can finish various tasks around the house more efficiently.

The flexibility that the Matrix system offers makes repair work simples and that is Black & Decker’s forte. They are known to provide their customers with products, which have different attachments that can be mixed and matched to complete any type of task they require. For example, BDCDMT120C drill can house a reciprocating saw, high pressure inflator, impact driver, detail sander, trim saw and many other attachments.

All these attachments are the reason why this B&D drill is so popular. By purchasing the affordable drill and fairly priced attachments, you can perform all your repair work with one single tool. Just think about the amount of money that you will be able to save when you don’t have to purchase all these different power tools. And thanks to the Matrix quick connect system; changing these attachments will be a breeze.

Look through some CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS see if you can find another drill that can provide you with multiple uses that the BLACK+DECKER BDCDMT120C 20-VOLT MAX LITHIUM-ION MATRIX DRILL/DRIVER can offer. The price is reasonable, the performance is exceptional and the benefits are aplenty, so what else do you require in a power tool combo?

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DEWALT DCD790B 20V XR Lithium Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Review


DEWALT is well known for manufacturing quality and sturdy power tools and attachments. A fine example of their exemplary work is the DEWALT DCD790B 20V XR LITHIUM ION BRUSHLESS COMPACT DRILL/DRIVER. With this drill, they have been successful in building a durable and reliable compact drill for everyday home use.

People who are looking for a lightweight drill for their home use, the DCD790B is the perfect choice. The drill has been built to handle light do-it-yourself work and also heavy usage from a professional. The low weight will give users more control over the drill. They will be able to handle the drill more comfortably when using it for extended periods. It will also give them more control over the drilling process; they will be able to drill precisely where they want to, avoiding any damage to the surface.


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The drill houses a powerful 20 volt motor. It has a two-speed gearbox, which is capable of delivering a whopping 2000-RPM, which is better than most electric powered, drills. This fact alone puts it in the category of the BEST CORDLESS DRILLS, or it may just make it the BEST DRILL of the lot. Another quality that makes this drill unique is the fact that its motor is brushless. This little design difference provides the motor with 57% more efficiency; meaning it runs for 57% more time than a motor with a brush design, when working with a same type of battery.

DEWALT DCD790B 20V XR Lithium Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver

The MAX XR Li-ion battery is the perfect companion for the DCD790B drill’s motor. It has a longer life than traditional drill batteries. It offers more operation time and a decreased down time, which translates into more productivity for you. You can even choose to purchase an extra battery. An extra battery would allow you to work without interruption. You can replace the battery when it runs out and charge it up, while you operate the drill with the secondary battery.

The battery has a useful fuel gauge, which will keep you apprised of remaining charge in the battery. This will let you avoid those annoying situations when you run out of juice in the middle of a project and have to wait for r the battery to charge, before you can get back to work.

A quick glance at CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS will tell you that the motor on DCD790B is amazing. The first operating speed of the motor can offer up to 600 RPM. This is ideal for light drilling and driving work. It will allow you to be more in control when you are fastening items, and avoid any unnecessary damage. The second gear or operating speed can deliver the more powerful 2000 RPM. Use this speed when you need to drill into more sturdy material precisely.

The designers at DEWALT have done their job to design the BEST CORDLESS DRILL in their catalogue. The grip has been especially designed to be ergonomic, so that the drill can be operated in multiple positions without causing any strain on your hand muscles. The drill has a ½ inch metal ratchet; it gives the drill better grip on dill bits. There is also a LED light built in to the drill, which has a 20 second trigger delay. You can easily keep an eye on the surface you are working on even if you don’t have proper lighting. The light and the size of the drill make it perfect for working in confined and dark spaces. All in all, the DCD790B truly is the BEST POWER DRILL in the market.

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DEWALT DCD771C2 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Compact Drill/Driver Kit Review


Anyone, who likes doing his own repair and light construction work around the house, needs a quality power drill/driver in his toolbox. Most DIY’ers want to go with a drill whose price will fall under their budget and that can fulfil their multipurpose requirements. If you are looking for such a drill, then the DEWALT DCD771C2 20V MAX LITHIUM-ION COMPACT DRILL/DRIVER KIT should be your number one choice.

The DCD771C2 drill kit is considered to be one of the BEST CORDLESS DRILLS in the market. It is compact and very lightweight, which makes it very easy to use in any kind of space. The kit comes with all the essential drilling tools and attachments that you will need, while working on different surfaces. The kit comes arranged in bag, which makes the tools easy to use.


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The drill comes with a built-in LED light, which can come in very handy when you are working in low light areas. The 20 volt powerful motor has a two speed transmission and can deliver up to 1500 RPM. The design of the drill is very ergonomically sound, so you won’t feel any discomfort when using it for extended periods of time. The Li-ion battery delivers efficient performance and is long lasting.

DEWALT DCD771C2 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Compact Drill/Driver Kit

The design of the drill is something that plays a role in its status as the BEST DRILL. Aside from being ergonomic, the design is also very eye-catching. The combination of yellow and black color and other clean design features are an advantage, albeit a small one.

From a technical standpoint, the drill is capable of providing you with convenience in all types of drilling, driving and hammering tasks that you want to perform inside and outside your home. The outer shell of the drill is lined with high-grade plastic, which makes it easier to operate. The drill’s motor is very powerful, which is a surprise because the drill is still very lightweight. The two speed transmission can provide you with 450 RPM and 1500 RPM respectively; you can select the speed that is appropriate for the surface that you are working on, so you don’t damage anything.

Another reason why the DCD771C2 is thought of as the BEST CORDLESS DRILL is the fact that it comes with an extensive screw driver and drill bit set. When you purchase other drills from the market, most of the time, the package does not include any attachments or drill bits. You have to purchase these separately. You can check out CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS to confirm this fact. These separate purchases end up costing you a lot. The DCD771C2 drill kit is the perfect solution for this. You will not only get a powerful and efficient drill, but also a wide variety of drill bits and driver add-ons.

So now you can clearly see why many users consider the DCD771C2 drill kit to be the BEST CORDLESS DRILL. The features are present in abundance, the usability is increased because of the extended kit that accompanies the drill and the powerful motor can drill and screw through metal, plastic and wood. The design of the drill and the charging bed makes the operation easier. So consider the DCD771C2 when you are thinking of purchasing a drill because it is the BEST POWER DRILL that you can buy in this price range.

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The need for do it yourself tools has been in demand for a very long time now. There is a dire need for these items recognition as they help in doing so many small but needed jobs that cannot be done by the professionals’ every time. The reasons are numerous. The expensive labor for example and the small time things which do not require the professional help are the points that need to be done by yourself. This requires for the tools to be more easy to use and the safety standards to be on the highest as the users are not professionals. Keeping these things in mind there are many manufacturers that have made some considerable machines however the few BEST CORDLESS DRILLS cannot be ignored. The best among the vast range of do it yourself drills is the PORTER-CABLE PCCK604L2 20V MAX LITHIUM ION 2-TOOL COMBO KIT that literally takes all your worries away.




Considered as one of the BEST POWER DRILL that works on batteries, one can easily justify the usefulness it can give to the user. The drilling needs are common in every household. That is why, lightweight and easy-to-carry drills are the best features and these features are the actual selling points. In the market, there are very few drills that provide such force despite having lightweight build, and clearly, PORTER-CABLE PCCK604L2 20V MAX LITHIUM ION 2-TOOL COMBO KIT provides these qualities easily. Apart from that, the battery timing is exceptionally high and the need to recharge is very little for each individual job. However, the speed of the battery charge time is also very high. In case of a hefty job, no need to worry because these drills are very quickly charged and save valuable time.


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The combo drills are very attractive; they are very handy and give the perception of heavy duty professional tools. The machine is excellent for home usage and provides the best performance in difficult and cornered positions as these machines are designed to reach such places. The machine has the batteries placed under the handles, which creates added ease in the overall weight balance of the machines. The lithium batteries are safely charged on the charger that can be laid on the table tops or grounds. The battery charger also comes in the attractive black color and provides the professional decent look. There are no BEST CORDLESS DRILLS that does not have these features. In addition to all these qualities, the level of handling in carrying these tools is also very attractive as they are available in very vibrant colors and old boring styles have been changed this time.





PORTER-CABLE PCCK604L2 20V MAX LITHIUM ION 2-TOOL COMBO KIT has great ratings on almost all the top selling websites in the U.S. The main reason is that the machines provide all the necessary qualities that are required for do it yourself tasks at home. In addition to that, the CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS also mention the usefulness of these products as the perfect choice to keep at home. The comments made on such websites are the actual experiences of the people who have bought and used these drills. Most user comments claim that this is the BEST DRILL that can be found in the same category.


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Black & Decker BDCDMT120 Cordless Drill Review

Black & Decker BDCDMT120 Cordless DrillThere are plenty of drill machines that can be classified on different uses and the characteristics they have. These characteristics determine the utility they can provide for performing different tasks. The point where one can decide to get the particular drill machine may range from the point of usage, durability, price and the additional features. In this regard, the top drill machines include Black & Decker BDCDMT120 Cordless Drill as one of the BEST CORDLESS DRILLS of today. The modern design and extra features determine that the futuristic machines are inclined to provide the perfect home usage experience.




Black & Decker BDCDMT120 Cordless Drill is packed with the external tools and the edge it has over others is that all the external tools of different companies can be adjusted to this general machine. The two lithium batteries are available with the package. The heads can be changed with no trouble making it the BEST CORDLESS DRILL. The ease it provides to change the components was never experienced before. The fact that different brands components can also be adjusted to this machine there is no restriction to buy the components from a single vendor or store.


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Product life and warranty


This product comes with a limited warranty of two years. For the longer period this machine can be perfect choice as it can work for prolonged usage. The machine is specified for home usage only. The heavy duty usage or the industrial usage can hinder the performance of the machine. Plus the over loaded work may cause the motor of the drill to lose its strength over time. Since the machine is based on the concepts of do-it-yourself it is BEST CORDLESS DRILL really because the machine cannot suffer any breaking parts of the overall package. The ease in the shape and the plastic cover provides the perfect lightweight handling for one handed usage.




As the BEST POWER DRILL this machine can provide strong torque capacities and the single speed motor can be adjusted slightly for the ease of drilling on different surfaces. The changing heads create the perfect mixture for making a hole and then placing and tightening the screws and bolts as well. CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS online suggest that the batteries are charged in a matter of minutes. The batteries provide storage for up to one and half year in non-use state. So keeping in mind the home based usage the Black & Decker BDCDMT120 Cordless Drill provides the perfect BEST POWER DRILL experience.

Black & Decker BDCDMT120 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Cordless Drill


Ideal usage


Black & Decker BDCDMT120 Cordless Drill has the edge over other machines in two main factors. One is its price; it can be easily competing with any brand still the edge it offers is the freedom to use different brand parts on this drill machine with no worries at all. Secondly, it is the BEST DRILL in terms of the overall usage as it can provide the perfect handling and long hours of battery time which is not possible for every machine of this category.


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Makita LCT209W 12V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Drill Review

Makita LCT209W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo KitDrill machines are very handy that range from the domestic usage to the industrial usage. The do-it-yourself concept was developed after these easy-to-use tools were introduced in the market. The traditional tools were often too heavy and the energy cost to use them was also very high. Now, the compact versions of the useful tools provide the perfect edge of domestic usage for different tools. Makita LCT209W 12V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Drill in particular has been able to deliver the most utility in a number of ways to the user.


The dual piece combo kit


The CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS mention this machine to be the most effective in different scenarios like drilling a simple hole on different surfaces and then tightening or loosening the screws and bolts with the impact driver. This cordless quality creates perfect handling for easy and fast working capabilities. Acclaimed to be the BEST CORDLESS DRILL this machine has two lithium batteries that are charged in as low as thirty minutes. This alone takes the advantage on providing the perfect utility for the home based usage. In addition, impact driver and the drill itself can perform at different speed levels and depending on the surface to be used these machines can be easily adjusted.


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Product life and warranty


Makita LCT209W 12V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Drill 2-PIECE COMBO KIT has various user comments and experiences mentioned in various top selling websites. CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS confirm that the Japanese technology has all the prime pivotal points that provide the ultimate utility to the users. The warranty provides almost two years of protection which makes it stand out from the other BEST CORDLESS DRILLS. So, the definite part is that the machine is built to last for a long time. No need to get it repaired because the compact size and simple design provide easy and simple mechanism that cannot be damaged or misused easily.




Being the BEST DRILL in the online market this machine is having many perks on the cost and the warranty however, the performance cannot be ignored. There are options to adjust the heads of the combo kit and the level of speed. Depending on the usage there are many points that need the speed and ease in positioning to get the work done in this machine. Categorically, Makita LCT209W 12V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Drill 2-PIECE COMBO KIT provides the perfect package that can easily beat its competitors and lead the market.

Makita LCT209W 12V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Drill


Ideal usage


MAKITA LCT209W 12V MAX LITHIUM-ION CORDLESS 2-PIECE COMBO KIT has been noted to be the best easy-to-use non- industrial driller and impact driver. It has been able to come in the top list of BEST POWER DRILL machines as it has an impressive torque and the smart design makes it very easy to handle. The long term usage may have no effect on the machine in the manner of overheating or damage on prolonged usage. However, the machine is not intended for the industrial usage and may be having low performance on continuous long hours of usage.

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ORTER-CABLE PCC606LA Cordless Drill Kit Review

ORTER-CABLE PCC606LA 20-Volt 12-Inch Lithium-Ion DrillDriver Kit Drilling is the single most important task when it comes to anything related to construction work, renovation, installation, or even hobbyist ventures. Making a drill part of your household tools is a very wise decision since you’ll never know when you might need to drill a hole to hang a family portrait, wall clock, or even work on repairs. Different types of drills available in the market are meant for a number of purposes. The popular drill among professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts is the cordless drill. The cordless drills are easy to use, carry and inexpensive. Choosing the BEST DRILL from a number of market options is a daunting task. The BEST CORDLESS DRILLS are the ones which provide the most additional benefits along with the core drilling functionality. Reading the CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS reveal that the ORTER-CABLE PCC606LA Cordless Drill Kit packs the most additional options along with exceptional drilling functionality. Let’s analyze each of its function on the usability and productivity criteria:


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  • ORTER-CABLE PCC606LA Cordless Drill Kit is small and sturdy in design. It can reach hard to reach corners and close areas with ease.
  • It is a cordless portable drill with an easy to plug in battery that takes only 60 minutes to charge. It also has a battery charge gauge that displays the amount of charge left in the battery. The average battery life is also a handy 24 hours.
  • It works easily with a variety of surfaces, including nearly all types of wood, plastic and metals used in professional contracting work.
  • The drill is easy to carry due to its light weight. It has ergonomic sturdy grip bumpers all along the body of the drill to make it easier to hold for longer periods of time without causing strain or fatigue.
  • ORTER-CABLE PCC606LA Cordless Drill Kit has two speeds for steady and fast drilling. It has a keyless metal ratcheting chuck to grip the drill bit firmly without spinning the shank.
  • The drill comes with useful utilities like a LED light mounted onto it to illuminate the drilling area in dark and poorly lit places. It also comes with 2 batteries to give you uninterrupted work for longer periods of time. A belt clip on the drill makes it easy to carry on work sites.

ORTER-CABLE PCC606LA 20-Volt 1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit

The ORTER-CABLE PCC606LA Cordless Drill Kit is the BEST CORDLESS DRILL with rich features at just fair price. It comes with a carrying case and an extra battery. It has a 1 year parts and service warranty and comes with a 90 days money back guarantee.

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DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit Review

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-VOLT DRILL/DRIVER KITWhether you’re a professional contractor, artist, repairman, or a DIY enthusiast; owning a drill can save you a lot of time and money. A quick fix, which might take just a couple of minutes with a drill like DEWALT DC970K-2 18-VOLT DRILL/DRIVER KIT, can linger on for days and weeks if you don’t have one. Keeping a drill handy not only saves your time and money, but it also gives you the liberty to take on a number of jobs.


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Drills come in a number of shapes, sizes and essential accessories. When it comes to tasks related to professional contractors or even household, a drill must bear some the following properties:

  • The drill should be compact, able to be used in tight spots and hard to reach corners.
  • The drill should be portable. It should be cordless. It shouldn’t need a long extension of electric wiring running all over the construction site or household just to power up the drill.
  • It should be able to work with a variety of surfaces, drilling in common types of wood, plastic and even metals. Their application can be in installing wooden framings, fastening and mounting cabinets, furniture, HVAC, ducts, and simple wall mounts.
  • The drill should be light weight with minimum accessories to take care of. Often drills are provided with a tightening ratchet key which can be misplaced easily, making the drill useless.
  • It should be safe and easy to operate. It shouldn’t vibrate vigorously making it difficult to handle while drilling. It should come with adjustable speeds for different drilling requirements.


A number of cordless drills are available in the market claiming to be the BEST CORDLESS DRILLS. Reading through the CORDLESS DRILL REVIEWS makes it really difficult to short list. However, the BEST CORDLESS DRILL is the one which is the choice of thousands of professional contractors, craftsmen, and DIY enthusiasts. The DEWALT DC970K-2 18-VOLT DRILL/DRIVER KIT is the choice which provides best value for its price. It comes with two NiCAD battery packs, a fast 1 hour charger, a drill kit, and a contractor bag. It is light weight and compact, making it easy to fit in tight and hard to reach spaces. It works on a variety of materials and has two operating speeds. It comes with a keyless ratcheting chuck to grasp the drill bits firmly without spinning the shank. The DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kitis the BEST DRILL with fair price and 90 days free money back guarantee, 1 year free service, and 3 years limited warranty. It is the best choice for your drilling activities and can be a handy gift for your loved ones.

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Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-Piece Review

Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-PieceThe brand new Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-Piece is said to get very popular around the market because of its flexibility and advanced features which are going to get your work done in no time and without any struggle. Previously there have been some debates that drillers don’t work as they are supposed to be working or they don’t work appropriately on large areas and they don’t show their true efficiency because of the exaggerated quotes by the manufacturers. This product is not like the usual drillers that you have been using before but this thing takes drilling to a whole new level.


Why Only this?


It is the best driller and the most progressive too, because of the things it is made up of, because of the work it does and also because of the combination which it gives. It provides the best cordless drill because of the high power battery which is used in it to get it done. Not only the best cordless but the best power drill too as it is made up of extremely high powered structure and inner system which can be said “engine” because it is no different from it, when you get to use it you will experience the engine working inside with an optimum and high quality work outside.


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Innovative Features


The features of this pioneering Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-Piece which is used for the best cordless drills are beyond our expectations which can be found at;

  • The speed of this product is variable and can provide up to a maximum turning effect of 480 in lbs. Provided by the 1/2” driver drill.
  • Impact Driver is much more capable and can get up to a 1420 in lbs. Maximum in torque.
  • It also consists of a fan whose work is to cool down the battery when it heats up and as a result the machine provides more lifetime work unlike many other similar devices.
  • This amazing Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-Piece also consists of a star protection computer control which will help in precaution for overloading or overheating of the machine against all odds.
  • The battery of the incredible machine is 18V LXT Lithium 3.0 Ah battery BL 1830 which is capable of getting fully charged in just 30 minutes, 3 times earlier than other devices.

Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-Piece

If these features don’t surprise you then there is more thing to look at and these are the costumer reviews. Cordless drill reviews are for sure going to content you. Most of the people going through the problems mentioned earlier where very much satisfied and more happy with this product called Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit 2-Piece. According to them it is one step ahead of the product they have been using before and this product has given birth to the new generation of cordless drills.

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Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill

1The drilling tool, fitted with a driving or a cutting tool, is used for boring holes into various materials or fastening together various materials with the help of fasteners. The attachment, often a tipped metal of various lengths, is rotated while pressed against a target material and at the other end it is gripped by a chunk of pistol like grip. As the targets are various, so are the types of drillings machines from twist drills, bow drills, core drills to pump drills, hand drills, hammer drills, rotary drills and cordless drills. Among the cordless types, the best cordless drill in the lot is the Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill


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Product description


The cordless drill reviews give out quite a bit. A large number of customers reveal that the product is as it is defined by its features. They are efficient, hardy, and modern and have replaced many of its kinds. The Matika cordless hammer driver and drilling tool of Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill model perform great versatility. This tool kit can be used both as a hammer driver & drill as well as a normal driver and drill, making it easy to carry along just one device.

This particular expanding 18 Volts lithium – series Matika products has become the world’s largest cordless machine powered by slide style lithium – ion 18V battery. This lithium – ion battery has the fastest of all charge times. These results in less time spent in getting charged and more time spent working.


Features of Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill


Basics of the Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill is being discussed below.


  • It is the best power drill for driving and drilling.
  • It has an ergonomic and compact design of only 8 – 1/8” length.
  • It is only 4 – 10 pounds by weight.
  • Variable 2 – speed design with 0 – 400 and 0 – 1500 rotations per minute, for a wider range of driving and hammer drilling applications.
  • The motor used in it is the Matika – built 4 – poles which deliver 480 (in pounds) of max. Torque.
  • It has the product dimensions of 17 by 5 by 10 inches and is of Chinese origin.
  • The battery cell type is lithium. It uses one lithium ion battery and the power source is battery powered. This reduces operator fatigue.
  • It runs on a voltage of 18 V.
  • It is among the best cordless drills as it contains an inbuilt LED light with an afterglow

 Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill


Which illuminates the working area?


Along the Matika XPH012 18V LXT Lithium Cordless Drill comes the 18 Volts LXT Lithium – Ion 3.0 Ah battery (BL 1830) and a 18 Volts lithium – ions rapid optimum charger (DC 18RC) for free. It is a great deal to own this piece of efficiently working tool kit. There is a great deal to be found on this best drill and eventually hard to beat.

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